Nobuyoshi Araki

67 Shooting Back (GDN125), 2007

Charlotte Colbert

Mastectomy Mameria, 2021

Hans Feurer

Painted by Kodak I (Gitta Saxx), Seychelles, 1988

Lakin Ogunbanwo

Untitled (2 girls), 2013

Laura Panno

Alfabeto del corpo A1, 2008

Aurora Pellizzi

The Kiss, 2022

Cindy Sherman

Untitled 1 #205, from the History Portraits series, 1989

Chloe Wise

Soccer, 2024

Bernardino del Signoraccio

Madonna dell’Umiltà, ca., 1460-1540

Louise Bourgeois

The Reticent Child, 2005

Christopher Bucklow

Tetrarch (Claudia Schiffer), 2010

Adelaide Cioni

To Be Naked, Breasts, 2021

Charlotte Colbert

Miniature Mastectomy Mameria, 2021

Teniqua Crawford

Fragment Horizon, 2023

Salvator Dalì

Nude with Snail Breasts, 1967

Giorgio de Chirico

Nudo di donna, 1930

Marcel Duchamp

Prière de Toucher, 1947

Richard Dupont

Badende, 2023

Giovanna Ferrero Ventimiglia

Non ti scordar di me, 2023

Philippe Garner

Lucilla (Breast), La Voile Rouge, Saint Tropez, 1976

Paa Joe

Breasts Stool, 2023

Allen Jones

Cover Story 2/4, 2021

Sherrie Levine

Body Mask, 2007

Prune Nourry

Œil Nourricier #6, 2021

Laura Panno

Alfabeto del corpo (Ceramica Blu), 1990

Laura Panno

Origine, 1990

Laura Panno

Amore I (amore-primo), 1990

Irving Penn

Breast (A), 1993

Laure Prouvost

Four for See Beauties, 2022

Laure Prouvost

The Hidden Paintings Grandma Improved, In Deepth, 2023

Issa Salliander

Nude with Crimson Afterglow, 2023

Jacques Sonck

Untitled (Ghent), 1987

Jacques Sonck

Untitled (Ghent), 1989

Masami Teraoka

Breast on Hollywood Hills Installation Project, 1970

Oliviero Toscani

Untitled 27, 1989

Anna Weyant

Chest, 2020

Robert Mapplethorpe

Breasts/Lisa Marie, 1987